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- For best results of makeup application it is highly recommended that you get a professional facial treatment a few days prior to makeup application or exfoliate skin the night before. This ensures longer lasting makeup and a flawless finish.

- Please ensure your eyebrows are cleaned and well groomed.

- Cleanse your skin and apply moisturizer prior to makeup appointment.

- Although all lipsticks used are high quality long wearing ones, it is recommended that you purchase a lipstick to keep with you throughout the day for touch ups.

- For clients with super oily skin it is recommended that you purchase blotting papers or a translucent powder to mattify skin through the day.


We take all precaution to ensure a beautiful long lasting makeup finish but some things are out of our control and the advice above will help in achieving a flawless look through your day.



- Please ensure your hair is completely dry before styling.

- It is best that you wash your hair the night before and not the day of styling.

- Please specify if you will be needing/using hair extensions.

- Please specify if you have hair accessories

- Please specify if you will be needing a hair sponge to assist with volume

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